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Shogi is similar to the classic game of chess, but even people who dislike chess have found this game to be fun. The main differences between the games are the upgrading of all pieces, and the re-entry of captured pieces. A radical change can happen anytime in the game.

1. Are the game rules complicated?

A beginner can understand the rules in only 5 minutes!

2. What if I don’t understand Japanese?

We don’t know Japanese either, that is why we added helpful arrows, which are showing the movements of the pieces. Players do not have to learn Japanese, or even know chess to play Shogi.

3. Do Shogi and Chess go together well?

Absolutely! Shogi helps improve chess strategy, especially becoming more aggressive. Shogi is a much more complicated game, while in chess there are 10^123 possible combinations, Shogi has an incredible 10^224 combinations.

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