Japanese chess game

Shogi or Japanese chess is a traditional logical and strategy chess-like board game from Japan. Even non-chess players find out that Japanese chess is fun and many people who do not like chess, love to play shogi!

Shogi is very famous in its native homeland of Japan, where it has a very rich tradition and history.

The biggest difference from classic chess is that all captured opponent’s pieces can be returned back to the game as your own on any empty square. Another difference is that most of the pieces can be upgraded when they reach the promotion zone (the last 3 rows). In Shogi there are almost no tie games.


Learning by playing. Shogi exercises both sides of the brain like logical thinking, memory training, visual and analytical decision-making and much more.


Making decisions in Shogi about game strategy promotes problem-solving skills and a balance between rational and emotional thinking.


Playing shogi improves your concentration level by getting into the flow state of mind as if time has stopped and it teaches you how to not get distracted.


In the game, you often need to improvise and come up with alternative approaches when the plan fails. Be creative and surprise your opponent.


Shogi is a timeless game, which brings people together of all ages and cultures from around the world. Start playing today and enjoy every game.

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“I think every Shogi club should have at least 1 of these sets.”

Christhoper Gallardo – ISF Chile Representative

“I’m excited, I played it for the first time. Harder than chess. Without the pointers, I wouldn’t know how to play. At my age, I hear about this game for the first time in my life. Too bad, otherwise great :)”

Lubor, 43 y.o.

“I like shogi, it’s an interesting strategy offering the possibility of more action than chess. And what I don’t like? I don’t trust captured soldiers, if they betrayed once, they will betray again :D”

Helena, 26 y.o.

“I like the complexity, the variety, the X options… It’s a perfect game.”

Hanz, 18 y.o.

“I like the feeling of command. I feel better about the game than classical chess. It was a great experience, just something unbelievably great.”

Jakub, 16 y.o.

“I like the practically non-existent draw, the placement of prisoners and the help arrows on the stones that show how the stones move.”

Pavel, 25 y.o.

“It is much harder and rougher than chess. More variable. A bigger challenge. With each additional capture, the opponent gains 2x more advantage!”

Matyáš, 21 y.o.

“New interesting figures, the possibility of placing, rotating, exciting until the last moment.”

David, 27 y.o.

“More interesting than chess (returning pieces). If there weren’t arrows, I wouldn’t recognize the figures.”

Karolína, 17 y.o.

“I like the big options in the game. Winning the game is possible even if you are losing. Not only does it pay off to throw out enemy pieces, but on the contrary, a small mistake can mean a loss.”

Tomáš, 18 y.o.

“I especially like the stroke options and the simple markings on the pieces.”

Jakub, 22 y.o.

“I feel like Shikamaru!”

Tucne, 19 y.o.


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